I Can't Say No To Space Inspired Imagery as Apollo 13 Goes From Screen To Stage!

I couldn't say no when legendary photographer Michael Wharley asked me to collaborate with him to create Key Art for Original Theatre Company's production of Apollo 13: Dark Side Of The Moon.

With everything that's going on, The Arts are under threat. Everyone on this list is a creative of some form and we need to support our neighbouring industries in one way or another.

That's one of the reasons I said yes - BUT - just as important for me was the chance to work with Michael, a powerhouse photographer for film/TV and stage, to create Sci-Fi images and a parallax -WHICH ROCKS!!

**SOUND ON** when you play the parallax as I've very chuffed with my sound design!

I'm so lucky to be in a position to be free to collaborate with artists I respect on projects that get me excited. This is one of those projects where all the elements came together perfectly. From the start, Michael and I were in sync about the vibe of the imagery that we wanted to create and he was trusting enough to let me push the creative as far as I could.

I asked Michael if he wanted to share some thoughts for you here:

"Apollo 13 is a hybrid online play produced by a regular client, Original Theatre Company while live theatre is shuttered: part film, part theatre show, part-live stream event, part finished piece, it's a subject and form that shows the company innovating to make the most of what they can do in the teeth of a pandemic.I wanted to give the company a glossy, atmospheric set of promo images to match that form, with Netflix-series vibe. 

So, I designed a lighting state to capture a cinematic aesthetic and energy, and because we couldn't go to space ourselves, turned to one of the best creative retouchers I know, V- to send us there"...cont

Michael Wharley cont..."I imagined each man looking through the capsule window at the moon as they prepared to drop out of radio contact. V took those images and ideas, and brought his own imagination and skill to bear, even trawling the NASA archive for original mission stills to create a sense of the window - even down the original navigation markings. 

The finished shots are slick, sharp and atmospheric, and could just as well be advertising a new TV show as a theatre piece. The fact V went the extra mile to create a beautiful parallax really showcases his exceptional skills too -  it was a brilliant collaboration, we had a lot of fun and the company are delighted."

The majority of the texture assets are original photography from the actual Apollo 13 mission and bringing that archive imagery in to this modern production was a joy.The icing on the cake, for me, is the parallax. I had so much fun going through the NASA archives for the audio and I think I hit the right dramatic note for the whole campaign.

The caliber of Michael's photography is unbelievably high. His creative process, the way he builds his ideas in to reality and the way he communicates throughout the collaborative process for the final shots, is exceptional! He shoots with a foresight that goes above and beyond the moment of capture.

All this is obvious when you look at the work here. I, for one, am looking forward to more collaborations with him again.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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