Micro Monsters Narrated By Sir David Attenborough - Who Said I Can't Retouch For VR?!

For the first time, Oculus users will be able to experience live-action VR at an incredibly massive 8K 3D at 60fps! Micro Monsters is a VR game changer. 

And I was asked to create Parallaxes and Key Art for the WHOLE series.

So here's the challenge. Oculus have got a new 8K headset and need content that will rock the world with how awesome it is.

In step the legends at Alchemy Immersive to save the day. Their production is off the hook with how brilliant they are. But, of course, filming insects to be this specific for the opening titles is beyond impossible.

This is where I saved the day!

My brief, other than to produce Key Art, was to create stunningparallaxes for the opening titles of each of the 5 episodes and... they had to be stereoscopic! 

How did I do that? Each insect had to be sliced up in to different body parts (Digitally! No insects were harmed in the making of these titles!) which I then put through retouch to create the Key Art.

Once retouched was signed off, I made a 3D space and placed the insect segments in such a way as to create depth.  After that, I animated their movements stereoscopically allowing the viewer a completely new and unique experience of a parallax. Each movement had to be timed exactly to the flow of the music.

Clearly, what you're viewing in this newsletter isn't stereoscopic. However, you can see and feel how epic this series is by the way the parallaxes have been used in these trailers! But, if you get a chance - have a look. 

I'm so grateful to the team at Alchemy Immersive, they are beyond super cool to have asked me to jump on board on this extremely challenging project. They are creative heavy weights and deserve all the praise and accolades they get for the superb content they create.

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Thank you for your time in reading this.