Public Health England - LET'S DO THIS - The Biggest Campaign Of Summer 2020

Public Health England has teamed up with the NHS for this awesome campaign to get us off our lockdown backsides and get us up and moving. No more bingeing on crisps, sitting on sofas made from loo rolls watching The Tiger King - the "LET'S DO THIS" campaign is a wake up call to shake off the static life that Covid-19 has brought.

Photographed by super talented Sarah Creswell represented by the legends at Swerve Represents, I was asked to do the retouch on this campaign. This vibrant and energetic project clearly allows the real people in the shots to shine as the true stars of the show.


None of us knew, at the time, that this was going to be the BIGGEST national campaign in the UK during the summer of 2020. How lucky am I to have got the call to action from Sarah during this nuts pandemic!


What started off as a shoot with 9 images and 9 gifs soon grew to over 40 images! I had to call in help from fellow Tweak represented artist Ela Calin to take care of the gifs while I worked up the stills.



Photography: Sarah Cresswell represented at Swerve Represents

Post Production: Vahakn Vorperian & Ela Calin represented at Tweak

Ad Agency: MC Saatchi

Art Director: Tom Kennedy

Stylist: Alice Timms

Props: Rosalind Keep

Home Economist: Dagmar Vesley

HMA: Victoria Poland

Lighting: Jack Somerset

Production: Locate Productions

Digi: Miriam Strong