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Founder and Head Retoucher, Vahakn Vorperian, started from humble beginnings as a lowly studio assistant for The Worx in Kings Cross. Soon after, he became the go-to photographer’s assistant for a great many of London's top photographers most notably Stuart Weston - an absolute creative powerhouse. After many years assisting (and featuring in Channel 4’s Faking It - Radiographer to Photographer), Vahakn rediscovered his love of wet printing which evolved into a love of Photoshop. At Touch Digital, Vahakn learnt the delicate hand required when retouching for Vogue and other high end fashion & beauty clients (thank you Graeme). At Saddington Baynes, he developed his talents in advertising retouching integrating disparate assets as well as working with early CGI. He has spent the last decade as a represented artist retouching for some of the biggest global clients, including Nike, Channel 4, Netflix, BBC, ITV, BT, Sony, Sony PlayStation to name a few.  

Now on a new journey of discovery, we - the creatives - can come together to make amazing images that astound and entertain the viewer.

Most recently, Vahakn has been included among the 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide.


Welcome to a new way of working, welcome to The Retouchers.