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Loose Women Body Stories Key Visual

Loose Women - Body Stories // ITV // Yolanda Y. Liou

When no retouching IS retouching.
It's surprising how many people think that retouching is only about reshaping bodies and taking out skin texture - thankfully, it's not the 1990's and that nonsense is fast becoming a thing of the past!
This campaign revealed live yesterday lunchtime on ITV's Loose Women (championing body diversity) has had no body shaping or skin retouching done, and is all the better for it.
My job was to remove a few pesky creases where garments had crumpled over the day's shoot and to seamlessly comp the cast into full groups focusing on bedding in photoreal shadows.
I also had to make the 12 foot canvas backdrop into a background which if it was real would be at least 30 foot long!
The best part - which is always the case - was to play around with the overall colour gradi
ng were we hit a lovely note of vibrance supporting the beautifully shot photography.

Loose Women Body Stories Visual 1
Loose Women Body Stories Visual 2
Loose Women Body Stories Key Visual
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