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Headline Takers // New Balance Football

James Binding // Account Manager
Luke Barnett // Creative Producer
Angelo Teixeira // Art Director 

Photographers //
Nathan Gallagher
Ruud Baan

New Balance has unveiled its Headline Taker Campaign ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

We’re proud to have partnered with Ear To The Ground on this project producing
some stunning visuals for the launch. 

We’ve loved retouching these pictures of key football ambassadors, focussing mainly on developing and emphasising shirt patterns and textures. Special care was taken to make sure the New Balance boots are consistent in colour as the portraits were shot at different times and locations. The backgrounds (pitch and floodlights) had to be tweaked according to the varying crop requirements making a final deliverable list of over 50 images.


Deliverable count 50+ images

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