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Award Finalist Alert and Junior Retoucher Hunt

Taken from The Retouchers Taken from The Retouchers Sporadic Newsletter #2

Welcome to The Retouchers Sporadic Newsletter #2


Now he's being judged!

Of course you remember the first newsletter, the one saying that our Creative Director, Vahakn Vorperian was chosen as a judge for this year's D&AD Awards? Well, now, it's his turn to be judged! We are proud to announce that Vahakn has been selected as a finalist for the inaugural Martin Evening Excellence In Digital Retouching Awards.

A very personal achievement...

As you may already know, Martin passed away at the end of last year. His impact on the creative path for countless creatives cannot be overstated. He was an awesome person.

This achievement is extremely special and personal as it not only reflects Vahakn's journey in the world of retouching, but also the unwavering belief that Martin had in Vahakn's ability to carve a career path in retouching.

Martin's legacy in Photoshop

Martin had a truly industry shaping impact on the world of retouching and photography. His inclusion on the splash page for Adobe Photoshop Beta shows you how far his legacy reached.

With organisations like Association of Photographers and D&AD shining a light on the importance of our work, we're experiencing an exciting phase in the evolution of retouching.

We’re finally being acknowledged by our industry peers that retouching, in its many forms, is an integral part of weaving narratives and capturing emotion in the image creation process.

We have a wonderful opportunity to keep Martin's memory alive by continuing to highlight the possibilities of retouching and photography - and we love being part of redefining and reshaping the story of artistic retouching, one pixel at a time.

We’d also like to congratulate fellow finalists, Mark Francis and Barry Craig. It’s great to be listed with such brilliant artists.

Being a finalist in itself is an incredible achievement and whoever emerges as the winner will serve as a shining example of artistic excellence, giving us all something amazing to talk about and celebrate for all retouch artists.



Fancy having a beer at the event?

The 38th AOP Photography Awards Showcase, where the winner will be announced, is on Thursday 28th September at Village Underground, EC2A 3PQ.

It would be lovely if you could make it, the AOP showcase is always a great event.



We're hiring for the full time position of Junior Retoucher based in our London office.
Do you think you have the right stuff or know someone who has?
Hit the button below to apply by October the 2nd 20223.


We're excited to continue growing our community and connecting with other creative professionals. We’re proud to be your chosen artists to work with.

Until next time!



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